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Are Our Eyes Safe Behind Cut-Rate Sunglasses?
 If your sunglasses aren't protecting against UV rays, they can actually be more harmful than not wearing sunglasses at all!
 07/28/2015       More
Crizal Prevencia
 Crizal Prevencia lenses help protect your eyes from harmful Blue-Violet light in everyday surroundings including sunlight, indoor lighting, and most digital screens.
 05/28/2015       More
Consumer Guide to Sunglasses
 05/28/2015       More
Don't Be Haunted By Improper Use of Color & Decorative Halloween Contacts
 10/1/2014       More
Specs4Us Erin's World
 Frames specially formatted to fit children with Down syndrome and other special needs.
 07/26/2013       More
Dailies Total 1
 Introducing the world’s first and only water gradient contact lens.
 7/26/2013       More
SPY Unveils Happy Lens
 Don't worry, be Happy:)
 02/01/2013       More
Protect your eyes from the dangers of UV light this summer season
 5/21/2012       More
March Is Save Your Vision Month
 03/01/2012       More
Sunlight and your eyes
 1/6/2012       More
The Importance of Winter Eye Protection
 Don't skimp n your sunglasses and goggles this winter
 11/5/2010       More
November Is National Diabetes Awareness Month
 10/27/2010       More
Free Contact Lens Care Solution
 Print and present this coupon at our office for your FREE travel-sized bottle of contact lens solution, including Opti-Free Replenish, ReNu, ClearCare & Boston!
 10/8/2010       More
Take care with "Halloween" contacts
 With a lot of non-FDA-approved crazy contact lenses on the market, care must be taken in choosing the right one for your eyes.
 10/4/2011       More
New Diagnostic Laser Test For Glaucoma, Diabetes and Macular Degeneration Now Available
 10/15/2010       More
Eye exams important before kids head back to school
 One of the most important things parents can do to ensure their children are ready to take on the challenges of a new school year is to take them for a back-to-school eye exam.
 7/29/2010       More
Rudys Rule!
 Rudy Project offers top of the line sports and casual line for those with discriminating tastes
 10/20/2010       More
Cataract Awareness Month
 August Is Cataract Awareness Month
 7/25/2010       More
Glaucoma Awareness
 3/12/2009       More
Ocutech VES-AF Low Vision Device Has Arrived At Optometrists Of Lansing
 Exciting new auto-focus telescope system now available for low vision patients
 03/12/2009       More